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The last month of my 20s. Day six.

Last 30 days of the 20s. Day 6

17th December 2007

I had a rather different shot in mind prior to heading out into the freezing temperatures of the streets of Edinburgh last night, but as so often happens I got slightly differently inspired when I actually started making the photograph. I may yet re-visit my original idea for a later self portrait.

I like this photograph for its ethereal qualities and the sense of being on a journey and going somewhere.

The last month of my 20s. Day five.

Last month of my 20s day 5

16th December 2007

My original intention was to go for a black & white very high contrast photograph but when it got to the post production stage I decided that I would go for a lower contrast de-saturated look as this suited the mood of the photograph better.

The last month of my 20s. Day four.

Last month of my 20s day 4

15th December 2007
Me, in bed, with a hangover. I was out the night before and my head hurt in the morning.

The last month of my 20s. Day three.

Last month of my 20s day 3

No posts for 6 months and now here’s the third in 10 minutes, I must be some kind of mentalist, what am I thinking?! I’m intending that this little photo project of mine will breath some new life back into my blog. Things have just been a bit crazy busy recently, especially during the summer, and since then I have been enjoying that rare commodity known as free time and branched out my creative pursuits to incorporate ukulele playing. Photography has started nibbling my leg again and so to avoid the onset of gangrene I am once again devoting more time to it. Anyway, about today’s photograph:

14th December 2007
I wanted to experiment with totally out of focus photographs and decided to do a nude portrait using this technique. This was the final shot of the night and my favourite.

The last month of my 20s. Day two.

Last month of my 20s day 2

13th December 2007
Viv had her exam today and so we celebrated in the evening with a bottle of champagne.

The last month of my 20s. Day one.

Last month of my 20s day 1

I have started a little photo project documenting the final month of my 20s by making a self portrait every day.

This is the first photograph in that series from 12th December 2007. I wanted to make a photo in the style of Rembrandt after seeing one of his self portraits at the national gallery in Scotland. While I don’t think that that photograph is very Rembrandtesque I still like it.