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Little Tez the cat

After a lot of waiting my new camera and lens arrived last week. I was more than happy with my Nikon D70 but felt the need for something a little more professional and so went for the Nikon D200, and WOW – what a difference this camera makes! The overall feel of the camera is just amazing and the shutter click feels so smooth. I’d never previously thought that the D70 had a rough sounding shutter click, but in comparison to the D200 it sounds really mechanical. You can also feel the shutter inertia less in the body so sharper photographs should be the result.

I think that the reason I love nikon cameras so much is that they are really intuitive to use – the buttons are in exactly the right place and the menus are cleanly laid out so that operating the camera can become second nature leaving you just to concentrate on the photography and not having to divert brain power trying to to use a counter-intuitive camera. While on the subject of the usability of things I can highly recommend the book ‘Don’t Make Me Think!‘ by Steve Krug. It’s about website usability but the principles can apply to the design of almost anything. I think the title sums it up perfectly and is exactly why I love nikon cameras – they don’t make me think.

At the same time I also bought the tamron 17-50 f2.8 lens. It really is a great lens, I’m seriously impressed with the technical quality of the photographs that I have taken with it so far. I should have a bit of free time this weekend to give the camera and lens combination more of a thorough testing out.

The photo featured here is my favourite that I have take so far with the D200. It catches Tez the cat in a relazed mood as she looks wistfully out of the window. I did try this photograph in black and white but it didn’t have as much impact. I like that the three primary colours are arranged in the window and that your eye is drawn from Tez to these colours.

It was taken at ISO800 but after running it through noise ninja it has cleaned up really nicely.

And that’s it for today, I intend to post rather more regularly than I have done so far – this last week has just been extra crazy.

Toodle pip!