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Coaley Church

Coaley Church
Another HDR photograph today – this is the beautiful old Church in the village of Coaley in Gloucestershire. I wanted to give the photograph an ethereal, timeless quality. By converting to HDR and then to black and white with some light toning and levels adjustment in photoshop I believe I have achieved my desired result.

I had actually prepared this image about 3 months ago but when I looked at it again to post up here I felt that the halos around the tree and church were far too obvious and distracting so I spent some time today re-HDRing and editing the photo. I had to play around with and carefully tweak the controls in photomatix to achieve a fine balance between the extra HDR tonal range but still avoiding halos which seemed very keen to creep in with this particular photograph. If you look carefully halos are still evident but I’m pretty happy with the compromise.

A first attempt at HDR

Coaley Tree

Since returning from my travels at the end of 2006 I have been looking at a lot of HDR photographs and taken an interest in the process myself. As with almost any photographic process HDR needs to be used in moderation as it can be easily over-done with the resulting images looking amateurish and cheesy. I learnt about HDR from Pete Carr’s blog where he has a great tutorial on the subject. Once I had the basics down it was just a case of fiddling with the settings and getting a feel for the effect that each would produce.

The photograph of the tree that you see here is my first attempt HDR and I am very pleased with the result. It is in a field behind my parents house in Gloucestershire. I have taken a number of photographs of it over the years but felt that none did it justice. With this photograph I feel that I have finally made an image that does the tree justice. By using HDR I have been able to create a more ominous feel to the photograph which lends the tree more personality – the personality that I feel it has when I look at it with the naked eye. It sits out in the middle of a field all on its own and does look moody, especially in the winter months when it is rid of its leaves.

I think I will continue to dabble with HDR as I do enjoy the results, especially the detail that it can recover from the sky, it is a useful tool to add to my photographic armoury, I sure you’ll be seeing more HDR shots from me on here. In fact I have another HDR photograph that I’ll be posting here tomorrow.