Doll Parts #9

Doll Parts #9


2 Responses to “Doll Parts #9”

  1. Andrew Leigh
    19. March 2008 um 09:27

    It’s amazing how much you’re getting from this, John. Sinister, sexual, scenic – and now political. I’m really enjoying this series of images.

  2. John
    19. March 2008 um 09:52

    Thanks for all the kind comments Andy. All the photos were made in one evening last year, I just worked around the doll, finding new angles and moods to portray. I didn’t go into this trying to create a specific feeling, you could say all of that came from the doll – it is the doll that is sinister, sexual, scenic and political all at the same time.

    And I suppose this photograph is particularly current given the political situation in Tibet.