The last month of my 20s. Day seven.

Last month of my 20s. Day 7.

18th December 2007

This one was hard work tonight. I had one idea, it didn’t work out so I tried another but was never quite happy with it. I was tired too and not really in the mood for trying to make a photo. I was also really pleased with yesterday’s photo and never thought I could better it today but I did feel the pressure of yesterdays photograph weighing on me. All in all I’d say that my creative juices were rather congealed like the Christmas gravy left out too long, nothing was flowing.

The photos just prior to this one were of me searching for inspiration. I found none and flicked the bird at the camera. One take. Last frame of the night. Today’s photo.


2 Responses to “The last month of my 20s. Day seven.”

  1. Andy
    19. December 2007 um 08:34

    Get a hair cut!

  2. John
    19. December 2007 um 09:16

    I am intending to! Maybe tomorrow. It is rather ‘wild man of borneo’, as my mother would describe it, at the moment.