Post-Apocalyptic Consumerism 9

The last ones from the series. Take a look at a slideshow of the whole series.


2 Responses to “Post-Apocalyptic Consumerism 9”

  1. GTSewell
    5. March 2010 um 06:57

    Hi John, how ya doin?

    I like ya work. I just realised what I was roughly creating with my photos today with the HDR thingy and searched a few images and seen yours. Nice work! I have a few on my blog but more on my facebook GTSewell.

    Keep up the good work!



  2. John
    12. March 2010 um 13:35

    Hi Greig, Cheers for the comments, glad you like them! I don’t use HDR so much these days, although I do have a couple of candidates from the past week that might get the treatment. Will check out your blog.