The last month of my 20s. Day eight.

The last month of my 20s. Day 8.

19th December 2007

A rather more restful scene today in comparison to yesterday. An antidote to all that frustration if you will.

This was taken out on some playing fields at about 9.30 this morning just as the sun was peeking above the horizon sending its rays across the frost-whitened field. It was a sublime sight and here I am taking it all in, filled with the simple wonderment of the sun rising, just as it does every morning.


One Response to “The last month of my 20s. Day eight.”

  1. Nigel Goodwin
    20. December 2007 um 16:09

    Beautiful shot John. Quite thought-provoking.

    I too am beginning to feel the weight of approaching 30 weighing me down (6 weeks and counting).

    Really enjoying these pics though mate. Keep it going.