The last month of my 20s. Day one.

Last month of my 20s day 1

I have started a little photo project documenting the final month of my 20s by making a self portrait every day.

This is the first photograph in that series from 12th December 2007. I wanted to make a photo in the style of Rembrandt after seeing one of his self portraits at the national gallery in Scotland. While I don’t think that that photograph is very Rembrandtesque I still like it.


4 Responses to “The last month of my 20s. Day one.”

  1. Andrew Leigh
    17. December 2007 um 09:18

    I think this looks really Rembrantesque, John. It will be interesting to see the whole month’s self portraits.

  2. John
    17. December 2007 um 10:12

    Thanks for the comment Andy. The Rembrandt self-portrait that inspired me was this one here:

  3. Andrew Leigh
    19. December 2007 um 07:40

    Yes that’s a great painting – portrait of a pissed off painter.

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